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The Comfort Box Company is an online wellbeing gift box studio, created to provide anxiety relief in a box.  Based in London, it is dedicated to offering comfort, soothing and self-care boxes to support women.

The Comfort Box Company was founded by Racquel Phillips who wanted to make up a box filled with all the suitable goodies that can be used as a support mechanism for women like you when you need immediate relief from the stress and strain when it rears its head.  A sort of mental health wellbeing first aid or toolkit if you like.

Racquel is a therapist and personal development trainer dedicated to serving women who need help and support to cope with life and move beyond challenging circumstances to claim their rightful place and fulfill the highest truest version of themselves.

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I created the anxiety relief and self-care boxes as a "GO TO" for women like you, experiencing the overwhelming feelings that appear in both body and mind, so that you can gain some control and lessen the intensity to find peace and relief and feel restored.

Having first hand experience of anxiety, mostly medium and every now and then high, as well experiencing two panic attacks that came out of nowhere I acknowledge that we are all human and need help from time to time. 

I did some digging to find out more about anxiety and some of the more obscure symptoms that show up and discovered some unusual findings. 

Some of the hidden signs of anxiety are things like... always being self conscious, not really liking talking to people face to face, getting easily upset or irritated, being indecisive, always making yourself busy, disorganization - Wait! What???

I always thought it was just the normal stuff like feeling worried or nervous and the accompanying bodily things like dry mouth and rapid heartbeat.  I then understood that this is so much bigger that most of realize.

And so it seemed like the perfect idea to create a toolbox for anxiety relief, with everything in one place to deal with the immediate symptoms.  To have soothing items to help to alleviate the pressure and overwhelm and bring back the feelings of calm and be  more in control.  This was the ideal way to start my personal mission of helping women cope. 

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Racquel has a postgraduate Honours Degree in Psychology and previously worked as an Addiction Therapist at SANCA Inpatient Facility and took on the Mental Health and Wellbeing Portfolio as a Member of the Board for Omgee Recovery Centre in Cape Town South Africa. 

She treated people who were unable to manage anxiety and stress caused by the pressures of life and turned to negative and destructive coping mechansims instead.  She saw how lives were ruined and the ripple effects this created with family, friends and the community at large.

Racquel felt a particular desire to want to help women, because they are the ones who suffer most with domestic violence and abuse.  The horrific and sad stories she heard as a therapist, solidified her position to want to do more to empower women to deal with the remnants of a traumatic past that keep them rooted in continued self sabotage and fear.  This is the first step.

Behind the scenes, have been many hours, spent in front of computer screens, in order to carefully and methodically search for and source, perfectly curated products to include in our boxes that…


  • Leave you with lasting impressions

  • Make sure your experience is indeed calming  

  • Are responsibly sourced, using ethical and sustainable producers

  • And mostly created and manufactured in the United Kingdom

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The philosophy is simple.

That is to strive to leave you feeling relieved by giving you all the stuff you need in one box. And making certain that these boxes also add a special touch of magic to your life as well.


The promise is easy.

That every box is filled with quality items that help you when you need relief.  The each box is looks good and not only that, but that you also get additional inspiration to leave you feeling cared for and hopeful.